Mittwoch, 2. September 2015

Monodeluxe "Soul Frequencies"

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Samstag, 25. Juni 2011

DJ CEASE feat.D'Buttaphly / "Love 4 Soul Theme" / Vibe Boutique Rec.

DJ Cease feat.D'Buttaphly "Love 4 Soul Theme"
(Vibe Boutique Records)

Reviewed on Exclusive House (posted by Purple Music)

Reviewed on House Music Sounds (April 2011)

Monodeluxe feat.Jannae Jordan "TIME REMIXED"

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TOP # 21 ( on the top 100 singles-charts on traxsource-june 2011)

Including Remixes By:
Anthony Nicholson
Jonny Montana
Disclosure Project
Aqua Bassino

Produced by Vibe Boutique Records c&p. Copyright Control 2011.
Executive production by Brigetta Dunson aka.The Bria Project for Vibe Boutique Rec.
Written and produced by Alessandro Oliviero aka.Monodeluxe for Vibe Boutique Rec.
Lyrics and Vocals by Jannae Jordan for Vibe Boutique Rec.

Reviews / SPIRIT OF HOUSE / Vibe Boutique Records

Reviews / SPIRIT OF HOUSE / Vibe Boutique Records

Montag, 31. Januar 2011

Monodeluxe on Compilations / EP's / Album & Remixes

Monodeluxe Releases 2011

List of some featurings by Monodeluxe 
(complete monodeluxe catalogue includes aprox.250 releases worldwide)

Samstag, 4. Dezember 2010

Bassik Grooove "Another Bite Of The Cherry"

Join The Unique Deep Vibing and Eclectic Sound Design Experience....!!!

Bassik Grooove / EP

Another Bite Of The Cherry

Written & Produced by Bassik Grooove for : Vibe Boutique Records.C&P-2010

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Donnerstag, 11. November 2010

Coming Up / Berny "Cassiopea" Ep

Cool and Fresh Sound Attitudes

Release Date : 28.11..2010

Available On :

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